About Corneelia Wall Art

Corneelia Wall Art offers affordable photo art for your home or the (home) office. We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Who is Corneelia?

Corneelia Wall Art is the joint venture of Irma Neele and Marco Verheul. The name Corneelia is derived from both of our names. We are amateur photographers and we happily live together in Haarlem.

Why this website?

Over the years we have produced a lot of photos and instead of saving it all on a computer disk we want to share it with others. We decided to offer our best work to those interested on reliable sales platforms. The purpose of this website is to promote our work and let the world know our collection is there.

How does it work?

Easy. On this website you can find all photos in our collection that we offer for sale. Do you see a photo you really like? Then click on the order button. You will then be taken to the platform where the photo is for sale. There you can select the format, material, frame and other options and complete the order. After the sale, Corneelia receives a percentage of the sale amount.

Available stores

At the moment we offer our work at Werk aan de Muur, a dutch sales platform for wall art, and we plan to expand to other stores outside the Netherlands in the near future.